Just A Thought

Some people come into our lives and quickly go.

Others stay awhile, make footprints on our hearts and we are never,

 ever the same.


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One Response to Just A Thought

  1. Ruth says:

    Hello! I have had you on my mind for all of these past weeks that I have missed Yoga classes because of a flare-up of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both hands and the fact that I have been getting PT for my neck problem 3x/wk, as well as continuing to work. YOU are absolutely one of those souls the quote is referring to!! I carry your ” Joie de Vivre ” ( French for ” Joy of Life “) with me in MY heart and want to thank you for that! In fact, you may have had a call or two from ladies I gave your number to, who asked me where to find a good Massage Therapist. Oh– and I think that is great that you found a new studio to offer more Yoga classes in! And, wow! Thanks for the Weleda samples– yea, I won something!! Blessings, Ruth

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